Encouraging dialogue with stakeholders, enhancing Maire Tecnimont’s technological and managerial expertise, telling the story of the Group’s commitment to sustainability and how it creates value in the communities where it operates: all this and more is in EVOLVE, our Corporate Magazine now in its fifth issue. EVOLVE has launched a webinar cycle called EVOLVE TALK, where we continue on our path of a close dialogue with universities.

After our first webinar focused on the students at Milan Polytechnic, it was the turn of students at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. Our EVOLVE TALK again featured GianniBardazzi, Group Special Initiatives and Regions Coordination SVP for Russia and the Caspian Region; MaxPanaro, Group Organization, ICT & System Quality Vice President; CarloNicolais, Head of Institutional Relations and Communication; and MassimoDapoto, Group Communications Manager.

In keeping with our editorial policy, EVOLVE’s issues are each dedicated to an in-depth look at the Groups “mottos”. The fifth issue is inspired by the motto“Step up and make things happen!”, also focusing on fighting against bureaucracy in order to spark a transformation to a more agile way of working.

Our dialogue with students revolved precisely around this theme, contextualized by the current emergency situation. Maire Tecnimont was prepared to cope with the Covid-19 challenge, demonstrating its ability to adapt. This resilience, which is the direct opposite of a bureaucratic approach, was also made possible by using our Digital Advantage Smart Platform, making it more evident than ever that innovation goes beyond just products and processes. It’s also a necessary change of mindset within the company.