We have a proprietary technology portfolio which is considered the leading and most efficient one in the production of various fertilizer technologies from Urea to Nitrates. Since 1924, the Group has successfully completed over 175 ammonia and urea plants worldwide. Our comprehensive services span from feasibility studies to basic engineering, encompassing technology selection and full EPC lump-sum turnkey projects.

Collaborating closely with the Sustainable Technology Solutions business unit, the Integrated E&C Solutions has emerged as a key player in ammonia-urea E&C projects. Their synergy ensures the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including the construction of new ammonia-urea facilities and the modernization of existing ones. Their proficiency extends to designing large-scale methanol plants using advanced natural gas steam reforming techniques. 

Integrated E&C solutions in-house capabilities cover a wide spectrum, from fertilizer technology knowledge to utility system design and efficient intermodular logistics. This integrated approach facilitates optimal site configurations for large multi-product complexes during the conceptual phase.