Milan, March 1, 2019On February 22 Maire Tecnimont Group KT - Kinetics TechnologySubsidiary held a social initiative on health, safety and environment issues (HSE) at the “Istituto Comprensivo L. Mannetti” School in Antrodoco (Rieti). Maire Tecnimont is strongly committed to local development and holds initiatives that reflect its values, especially in disadvantaged areas such as the seismic regions in central Italy.

KT - Kinetics Technology, which already has a proven track record supporting schools on HSE issues, shared its know-how through an awareness-raising activity for students and teachers at the school.

“We believe that schools are an important and strategic context where HSE issues can be shared,” explains Damiano D’Alessandro, Group HSE Project Quality and Risk Management Head of Department, “so that the new generations will acquire these concepts as part of their lifestyle.”

Alberto Guerrieri, Mayor of Antrodoco, also commented on the initiative: “It is fundamental for school-age children to learn that the world invests in professionals who are capable of addressing crucial issues that may seem marginal to others. I would like to thank Maire Tecnimont and KT for this small gift of knowledge, practices and good habits that they imparted to our young citizens and hope that this will serve as a stimulus for their continued cultural enrichment”.