Milan, 25 September 2020 - On 25 September our Group participated in the first edition of "il Verde e il Blu Festival, at the event- Idee e progetti per il futuro del pianeta” dedicated to a green, sustainable and digital future, beyond the crisis.

Il Verde e il Blu Festival, held in Milan at the “ Biblioteca degli Alberi”, was a three-day of live meetings, talk shows, and direct testimonies of the protagonists of our time. A moment of discussion on the new visions of tomorrow: from the economy to health, from work to politics, from mobility to social relations.

Valerio Coppini, NextChem Business Development Vice President, took part in the talk show: "Circular strategies: markets, consumption, and communities after the crisis", describing the circular economy from the point of view of Upcycling and highlighting, in particular, the strategic role of the circular districts: “The aim of Upcycling is to increase the performance of the recycled product, giving it that extra value compared to waste. The circular districts that we are implementing, both in Italy and abroad, constitute an interesting solution for the energy optimization of our community and an energy mix increasingly directed towards circularity and independent of fossil sources ".