• Maire Tecnimont is the first group in Italy as well as the first group worldwide in the technology, engineering and construction field of the energy industry to certify a unique social accountability management system at a multi-geographic level, confirming its commitment to the well-being of its people in offices and on construction sites

Respect for human rights, the protection of individuals and the promotion of their well-being: it is thanks to its strong commitment to these fundamental values that the Maire Tecnimont Group has received a multi-site certification from Bureau Veritas Italia in accordance with the SA 8000:2014 standard. An ambitious goal, the result of a complex coordination effort among the various Group entities that were already individually SA8000 certified, particularly those with offices in Italy (Tecnimont SpA, KT - Kinetics Technology SpA, M.S.T. Manutenzioni & Servizi Tecnici s.r.l.), Germany (TPI GMBH) and the Netherlands (Stamicarbon B.V.).  Today Maire Tecnimont, thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Bureau Veritas Italia, is extending its SA8000 social accountability certification beyond national borders, once again confirming its role as a pioneer in change: the certification highlights the synergies among the different corporate entities, which share a solid core of Group values, first and foremost of which is the protection and growth of people, the primary asset at the center of Maire Tecnimont's business in every country in which it operates. 
Having multi-site certification extended to different countries allows the Group to standardize procedures and methods, optimize audit times, as well as further strengthen the dynamics of exchange along its supply chain, increasing the market competitiveness of each individual entity and the Group as a whole. 

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Maire Tecnimont Group, commented: “The certification we have received today represents an important milestone: it is another fundamental step in our journey to ensure that the utmost attention is paid to the protection of all the people who share Maire Tecnimont's DNA and values, and at the same time reinforces our commitment to the entire supply chain, an essential element of a company that firmly believes in its code of ethics. With this result we value the important work carried out in previous years, which has led to the implementation of robust and mature management systems by each of the companies included in the scope of certification”. 

Diego D’amato, President and CEO of Bureau Veritas Italia, commented: “For many years, in the long history of SA8000 certification, certificates could not "cross borders" and were limited to the national perimeter. Today, the new rules provided by SAI (Social Accountability International) and SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) foresee the possibility of including sites belonging to different countries in a single certificate, provided that there is a single, centralized management, capable of guaranteeing an effective and homogeneous system for managing social accountability. Maire Tecnimont's biggest challenge was to bring together the various SA8000 certifications that already existed for the Group's individual companies under a single umbrella. Bureau Veritas is particularly proud to have certified this groundbreaking system, paying tribute to Maire Tecnimont's great organizational capacity and commitment to values that know no geographical boundaries.”

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, heads an industrial group which leads the global natural resource processing industry (downstream oil & gas plant engineering, with technological and executive expertise). Its subsidiary NextChem operates in the field of green chemicals and technologies in support of the energy transition. The Maire Tecnimont Group operates in 45 countries, through 50 companies and about 9,100 people. For further information: www.mairetecnimont.com.

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