Milan, January 16th 2020 - Our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato was among the panelists at the "Intesa Sanpaolo, Engine for Sustainable and Inclusive Development" event organized by Intesa Sanpaolo at the Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo.

Representatives of the business world, journalists and political figures took part in the event, which was moderated by the Italian journalist Bruno Vespa.

Many topics were addressed during the morning, from sustainable development to youth employment and circular economy.

During the panel "The Circular Economy as a New Paradigm for Growth", our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato, talked about how the circular economy has incremental in Maire Tecnimont’s growth in the green chemistry sector: "For us going towards a circular economy means having a new and responsible approach to the production and consumption of goods, making them reusable and recyclable. With our company NextChem we have gathered industrial research projects carried out for years, and Myreplast and the Upcycling of plastic waste are just examples”.

Our Chairman underlined the importance of a close collaboration between financial and industrial partners, which is fundamental for reaching sustainable targets and supporting the feasibility of every single project. Finally, he asked the institutions to be present with a clear and coherent national coordination, capable of offering the most appropriate economic and technological tools.

Click here to listen Fabrizio Di Amato's interview in the Radio 24 podcast, Focus Economia in the "Prestiti alle imprese" episode of January 16 (starting from min. 21:20).