Milan, February 7, 2019Maire Tecnimont has achieved a “B” rating for its company policy on climate change and environmental sustainability from CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the international non-profit organization specialized in the evaluation and measurement of environmental performance and strategies addressing climate change adopted by major international companies.

Maire Tecnimont Group, which has been participating in the project for four years, continues to improve its standing, ranking in the top-25 out of 120 monitored Italian companies, a “best in class” result that emphasizes how transparency and engagement with all stakeholders are central to the Group’s identity.

In fact, Maire Tecnimont has performed above both the national and European average, confirming its ongoing commitment to sustainability, as also revealed by the rapid progress it has achieved in pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs). The “B” rating is a significant step forward over last year’s “C” rating and acknowledges the efforts made by Maire Tecnimont to mitigate risks, making its assessment more solid and thorough, implementing environmental policy and integrating social and climactic issues into its strategy.

Maire Tecnimont’s business model is based on financial robustness and sustainability, through competence and innovation, with an operative model that minimizes risks as well as social and environmental impact, outlining a clear and well-defined strategy for carbon footprint reduction. This is further illustrated by the launch of the Group’s Green Acceleration Project, through “NextChem,” the new company dedicated to green chemistry, and new technologies for the energy transition.

Over seven thousand companies worldwide provide their annual data on environmental impact, risk and opportunities to CDP. Each company receives a score and a grade (from D to A, for 7 possible rating results) based not only on the activities undertaken in terms of climate change, but also on its level of transparency in sharing data and information.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Group CEO and Managing Director commented: “We are proud of this significant upgrade that we received from CDP. It rewards our transparency and efforts throughout the year. Moreover, this rating represents a valid tool for investors to evaluate our commitment to sustainable environmental policies and the achievement of the United Nations’ development goals. Finally, this is a further step forward for our Green Acceleration Project.”