Milan, 4 April 2020 - Our Group has implemented the security online services choosing 3000 YubiKey provided by Yubiko and distributed in Italy by DotForce.

YubiKey is a real safety key, a service that allows to optimize online authentications without passwords thanks to a multiprotocol that protects access to computers, networks and online services through a USB stick.

The device was initially chosen for its capacity to address a large variety of enterprise use cases: Windows login via smart card (PIV) functionalities, Office 365 using native FIDO2, other web applications, as well as physical access to buildings and lockers.

“YubiKey allows us to integrate user identity in one unique tool, simplify user authentication and physical access, reduce password management support tickets and increase user security at the same time,” said Michele Mariella, Head of Information and Communication Technology, Maire Tecnimont.

A trial deployment started in April 2019 for a first group of 500 users and after an initial roll-out, Maire Tecnimont expanded the deployment to another 2,500 users through 2019, with the aim of further strengthening our security protocols with integrated systems, which optimize the experiences of employees.

Here's all the details!