March 12, 2019 – The Convivio 2019 event, organised by the AlumniPolimi Association of the Politecnico di Milano, was held yesterday at the auditorium of the Maire Tecnimont headquarters in Milan.

Many of the university’s alumni who have distinguished themselves for their important achievements took part in the event.

The occasion represented an important networking opportunity for representatives of national and international industry to exchange ideas. Prof. Enrico Zio, Delegate of the Rector for Alumni Relations and President of the AlumniPolimi Association opened the event. The audience was then addressed by Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato and Prof. Ferruccio Resta, Milan Rector of the Politecnico di Milano.

Prof. Resta explained how bilateral collaboration on joint projects being developed between the university and external companies is one of the main objectives of the university. Fabrizio Di Amato pointed out that “the valorization of excellence is the first step in achieving great results and, to do so, companies and universities must collaborate and support the creation of an ecosystem that favours the development of new ideas. This is what we need to help new “NATTA” to emerge!”

There are 189 “Notable Alumni”, all top influencers, architects and designers, Presidents, CEOs and Director Generals, each a true ambassador of polytechnic culture and innovation, who serve as an example of professional capabilities and the results that can be achieved thanks to a top-quality education.

Fabrizio Di Amato, founder, Chairman and majority shareholder of Maire Tecnimont, was included in the 189 “Notable Alumni” of the Politecnico di Milano just one year after receiving his Honorary Degree in Chemical Engineering. He received this honour for his contribution to the development and promotion of the Made in Italy of engineering throughout the world and for his continued commitment to the valorization of the technological patrimony of Italian research and its application to industrial chemistry.