11 ottobre 2018 -A joint effort to create an ecosystem of skills.

This was the theme for the meeting held on October 9th at the Maire Tecnimont auditorium, with a participation of over 70 small businesses from the Lombardia region associated with Assolombarda.

The delegation, led by the Vice President of Piccola Industria, Alessandro Enginoli, and welcomed by Fabrizio Di Amato, acting as Chairman and Founder of the Maire Tecnimont Group and as Vice President for the Centro Studi, Filiere and Energia for the association; had the opportunity to address the greatest obstacles related to the challenges for small businesses in a changing economic context.

The meeting started with the presentation of a survey by the Centro Studi, which analyzed the landscape of SMEs in Lombardia, with their strengths and weaknesses. The testimony of Chairman Di Amato's direct experience in the transition from a small to a large company offered valuable insights on critical steps of the development such as access to credit, the capitalization of companies, managerialization, and generational change.

The Group's CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero, illustrated  Maire Tecnimont’s industrial strategy and the possible synergies between large and small companies abroad; mentioning key topics such as the dynamics of the international market, digital transformation, and local content policies. Providing a reminder about the Italian model of successful entrepreneurship, especially in phases of discontinuity.