Maire Tecnimont Group supports the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, the Sacco Hospital in Milan and the ASST Bergamo Ovest at a time when the medical and nursing staff at these hospitals works to help patients undergoing emergency treatment. In recent weeks, these hospitals and their teams have provided a vital response to stem the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in northern Italy.

We also stand alongside their teams of researchers as they work to develop effective drugs against the virus that will enable hospitals to react to this epidemic and quickly exit this emergency phase.

Moreover, at a time when the spread of contagion is particularly aggressive, we have put all our energy and professionalism to work to guarantee that the Piedmont Region was able to open the Alba-Bra Hospital in a very short time, as the reference point for the coronavirus emergency in the region.

Maire Tecnimont is certain that resilience is the chief resource we need to face the most complex challenges when they arise. Right now, we have an even greater responsibility to give our tangible contribution and support to those in the front line.