For the second year in a row, NextChem has partnered with RemTechExpo, the international trade event focusing on reclamation, climate and sustainable industry. NextChem’s virtual stand will showcase its business areas and technologies, in particular Upcycling, Waste to Chemicals and green fuel technologies. Join us at NextChem’s webinar tomorrow, September 23 at 11.30 am, in the event’s CHEMTECH topic segment dedicated to the innovative and sustainable chemical industry, and check out the other four other conferences our executives will be speaking at on September 23, 24 and 25. You can register here:

In tomorrow's webinar featuring Giacomo Rispoli, NextChem Senior Director Waste to Chemicals, we will present our technology platform for the production of circular hydrogen, methanol and ethanol from chemical recycling of plasmix and CSS. Here’s the link:

Also tomorrow, September 23, Alessandro Susa, NextChem Chief of Innovation will speak at the conference "Research and Development in the Chemical Industry: Analysis of Opportunities, Selection Criteria for Investment, Technological, Administrative and Cultural Barriers During Times of Health Emergency". To follow the event:

On September 24, Giacomo Rispoli will present NextChem’s Circular District model at the conference "Industry, Environment and Fuel Focus”. 

On the morning of September 25th, Valerio Coppini, Senior VP Business Development, will speak at the conference "The Plastics Cycle: Safety and Innovation," presenting NextChem's technological solutions for the recycling of plastic waste: from Upcycling with the production of high quality recycled polymeric compounds, to the recovery of non-recyclable plastics through chemical conversion and pyrolysis. Join us at this link:

In the afternoon, Ilaria Catastini, NextChem Communication Manager , will speak at the conference "Digital environmental communication in the activities of rehabilitation and enhancement of territories". To take part, click on:

Here the link to NextChem's virtual stand