Keep your eyes fixed on the way to the top, but don’t forget to look at your feet.
The last step depends on the first.
Don’t think you have arrived just because you see the peak.
Watch your feet, be certain of your next step, but don’t let this distract you from the highest goal.
The first step depends on the last.

“Mount Analogue” by René Daumal

Milan, 15 October 2019 - The “Stefano Costabile Grandino Sholarship” award ceremony took place at our Milan headquarters. The scholarship is entitled to our senior colleague Stefano Costabile Grandino, Tecnimont Construction & Subcontracting Vice President, who passed away three months ago.
The event was attended by numerous colleagues and by Stefano’s family. The award consists of a Project Management Executive Master at MIP- Politecnico of Milano. The recipient of this first edition award is a young colleague, Filippo Meoli, Construction Estimating Engineer, who expressed  gratitude to the Group for this sign of trust.
Group CEO Pierroberto Folgiero, Franco Ghiringhelli, HR, ICT and Process Excellence SVP, and Dario Prina, Tecnimont Construction & Subcontracting VP, underlined Stefano’s honorable legacy in terms of visionary leadership and entrepreneurship. As a pioneer of the digital revolution, his work was rooted in obtaining results through a program that we are now progressively implementing at Maire Tecnimont. His tenacity and innovative spirit will be drivers towards new shared successes to be achieved today and tomorrow.
Our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato in his concluding remarks commented: “We are proud to have worked alongside such a passionate and outstanding professional, and we will continue to work to honor his legacy”.

Thank you Stefano!