• MAIRE has been admitted to Transparency International Italy, confirming the soundness of its governance & compliance system
  • The first in a series of plants for electric power from renewable sources has been built to serve temporary facilities in the Middle East, with the goal of progressively achieving the renewable energy coverage of at least 30% of the energy needs of all off-grid sites, to contribute to the carbon neutrality target for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030
  • There has been a 15% increase in the number of women appointed to fill the expiring seats on the boards of directors of its subsidiary companies
  • A collaboration agreement has been signed with Abu Dhabi University to increase the entry of young people into the group's local operations

Milano, 22 Dicembre 2023 - The MAIRE Group's commitment to sustainability has taken new concrete steps. In the field of transparency and business ethics, MAIRE has been admitted to Transparency International Italia, an achievement that confirms the Group's daily commitment to preventing corruption, and protecting transparency and legality. Transparency International is the world's leading nongovernmental organization for its activities in combating corruption and promoting ethical business practices.

As part of the carbon neutrality roadmap, at one of its construction sites in Saudi Arabia MAIRE has built the first solar power facility to use renewable sources to serve construction site needs. This is one of the first successes on the path to decarbonization, which plans to cover at least 30% of its energy needs with renewable sources on all of the sites that are not connected to the grid in the near future, in addition to a series of other initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality for direct and indirect emissions produced by fuel and electricity consumption at offices and construction sites that are within the Group's perimeter of activity. In fact, efforts are continuing to reduce office emissions through the introduction of digital solutions for energy efficiency, particularly in the MAIRE Towers in Milano Garibaldi, measures that will then be replicated in the Group's other offices in Italy and abroad.

The carbon neutrality targets of 2030 for scope 1 and 2 and 2050 for scope 3 are the focus of the 2023 stakeholder engagement program that concludes today and has involved opinion leaders, customers, and suppliers in aligning and sharing targets and action plans. This effort parallels the one related to the implementation of technology solutions that will position MAIRE as an enabler of the energy transition and the decarbonization of industry worldwide.

In the area of diversity commitment, the number of women chosen to renew its subsidiaries’ expired boards of directors has increased by 15%, and MAIRE has also joined the "Target Gender Equality" program, an accelerator of the Global Compact, for an ever more organic development of the Group's efforts regarding diversity issues over time.

Within the scope of its commitment to strengthening partnerships with society at large, particularly in the world of higher education and as part of its In-Country Value activities, MAIRE has signed a collaboration agreement with Abu Dhabi University to provide local students with specific training on the Energy Transition, Green Energy, Sustainability, as well as job placement opportunities in the group's activities in the Emirates, the top country for the number of projects being implemented.

As evidence of the commitment to engage the entire corporate population in cultural change, its first Sustainability Day was organized, with the participation of more than 400 MAIRE professionals active in numerous countries of the Group's operations. As part of this, the new internal stakeholder engagement platform was presented, created by a group of young employees as part of a digital transformation project, to promote engagement of the corporate population on MAIRE's sustainability strategy. The involvement of all employees, over 7,000 in all, on both the materiality analysis and a mandatory specific training plan on sustainability confirms the Group's desire to imprint a strong cultural change on sustainability issues, which must become a goal shared by everyone in every area and project of the company's business.

The year that is drawing to a close – said Fabrizio Di Amato, MAIRE's founding shareholder and Chairmanhas confirmed how for us sustainability is one of the cornerstones on which the Group's strategy is based. As envisioned and outlined in our long-term Business Plan “Unbox the Future” presented to the financial community last March, our commitment is increasingly focused on incorporating sustainability within business activities. The results show that we are on the right track to accelerate our commitments in the ESG area, thanks to the concrete contributions of all our people.”