Mumbai, 31st May, 2023 Tecnimont Private Limited (TCMPL), a subsidiary of MAIRE Group, today announced its funding support for Women in Science, Engineering (WiSE) from rural parts of India. This is initiative involving a total of 165 girls is led by Prof. Rajesh Zele from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) to encourage young girls from rural parts of India to pursue higher education in STEM through a week-long intensive residential program at IIT Bombay.

This activity is part of MAIRE Group's sustainability strategy, specifically in the creation of value for the territories and communities where MAIRE operates through corporate social responsibility projects and initiatives.

Excited with the collaboration, Valentina Grieco, MAIRE Group CSR Senior Specialist said, "Project WiSE is driven with a special focus on the rural areas from India, such as Maharashtra, Bihar, Odisha, to help the adolescent girls build their confidence in subjects like science and mathematics. While the rural adolescent girls face challenging situations in continuing their education, TCMPL strives to make education interesting for the students and parents to ensure enrolment of girls continues in the higher standards."

"TCMPL is committed to helping the communities where they operate," said Prof. Zele, "With their support, we were able to include students from remote areas across the nation. After the week-long program, the girls will continue to interact with one another, and their mentors at IIT Bombay through online sessions. This will help shape their future and career decisions," concluded Prof. Zele.

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