The 6th session of the Italy-Uzbekistan Joint Economic Commission was held on 6 May at the Ministry of Economic Development in Rome. The aim of the meeting was to create favorable conditions for the further development of economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

Ubzekistan has relevant energy resources and an enormous potential for industrial development. The Government’s investment programs and the opening of numerous international tenders make it a privileged partner for Italy and for Italian companies representing the excellence of processing and engineering industry.

Maire Tecnimont attended the meeting with a delegation of top managers, including our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato and our CEO Pierroberto Folgiero. Fabrizio Di Amato contributed to the official discussion that preceded the signing of a bilateral cooperation protocol. Our Group has been present for a long time in the Caspian Sea area with a significant track record in the petrochemicals, oil & gas refining, and fertilizers industries and now it is ready to be a key player in Uzbekistan’s development program.