In the second edition of the book What is Circular Economy, published by Edizioni Ambiente in collaboration with NextChem, the authors Emanuele Bompan and Ilaria Brambilla, tell the story and evolution of circular economy worldwide.
The book includes an introduction by our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato and an interview with our CEO Pierroberto Folgiero.
NextChem’s model for a Green Circular District has been considered as a best practice in circular economy and our proposal is widely explained within the book.
Fabrizio Di Amato and Pierroberto Folgiero underline the role of Maire Tecnimont Group as an enabler of the energy transition.
Our Group is making its wide technological know-how in the transformation of natural resources available for helping hard-to-abate industries in their path to reducing their carbon impact. It is a front runner in the shift from a fossil-based industry into a new green industry, which uses in its processes plastic waste and residual biomass as feedstocks. 
The first chapter is about the roots of the concept of circular economy; the second one explains the principles that the current theory of circular economy is based on; the third chapter illustrates circular economy effects on four different business models: the product as a service, life-extension, regeneration and circular production chain in the industrial sector, Upcycling.
Our model of a Green Circular District is included in a chapter called “Circular Energy”. 
The book has been presented during the Conference “The circular economy for relaunching the country”, organized by Edizioni Ambiente, with the participation of our Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato.