"Cyber Resilience in Oil and Gas: Playbook for Boards and Corporate officers”, World Economic Forum’s latest publication to which we contributed, is out now.

The digital revolution and the energy transition have transformed the oil and gas industry. 

In order to help the energy industry improve its resilience against the risk of cyber-attacks, the World Economic Forum convened over 40 senior executives to define six principles to help boards of oil and gas companies contain this risk and strengthen their organization’s cyber resilience in a collaborative oil and gas ecosystem. 

These principles will guide the industry in its efforts to continue delivering safe and affordable low-carbon energy for decades to come. 

We are delighted to be a part of this unique multi-stakeholder community that is shaping the future of cyber resilience across the oil and gas industry.  

The white paper is a global multi-stakeholder endeavor, comprising oil and gas organizations, businesses, providers, and governments, and it had Max Panaro, Group Organization, ICT, & System Quality Vice President, as part of the Advisory Team.

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