Maire Tecnimont is one of the main companies contributing to the food waste recovery initiative which was begun in the 9th Municipality of Milan. The project involves companies and the large-scale retail trade of the area, the Lombardy Federation of companies Assolombarda, the City of Milan, Politecnico di Milano, Ricetta QuBì and Banco Alimentare, putting into action the Food Policy and its top priority Zero Waste of Food. The Smart Circuit is in its pilot phase and has been activated in the surrounding area of the Isola neighborhood. The Via Borsieri Hub guarantees a quick transfer of any excess foodstuff to the non-profit organizations of the area.  
Our Group is particularly proud to be one of the companies supporting the initiative, which is an example of synergy among the private business, government agencies, entrepreneurial associations and non-profit players, coming together in solidarity to enhance the circular economy reducing food waste.