Milan, 6 February 2024 – MAIRE announces that NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions), through its subsidiary NextChem Tech, and ENGIE agreed to cooperate on the development and commercialization of an advanced biomethane technology to produce synthetic methane from dry biomass waste.

Under this cooperation agreement, NextChem Tech will act as strategic partner and co-developer in order to optimize, integrate, develop, and commercialize this advanced process using NEXTCHEM’s and ENGIE’s proprietary technologies. Once industrialized through the Salamandre project in Le Havre, in France, NextChem Tech will act globally as licensor of the integrated package on an exclusive basis.

This cooperation is part of NextChem Tech’s and ENGIE's commitment to the transition to a zero carbon industry, by reducing energy consumption and offering more environmentally friendly solutions through a circular approach.

Mohammed Nafid, CEO of NextChem Tech, commented: “As this cooperation shows, our commitment to industrializing our technological solutions for the energy transition continues to increase. We are proud to consolidate our strategic partnership with ENGIE by supporting its path towards decarbonization and accelerating the achievement of the bio-methane production targets set by the European Union.”