“In this issue, Evolve sets out into the meanders of resilience to intercept its secrets and try to replicate its models: in our daily, personal and professional lives, complex and articulated as never before.

Rapid, intuitive, essential. Cats are one of the most skillful animals at predicting risk and avoiding danger. What about us? How can we imitate them when it comes to jumping into the void, slipping into uncertain spaces, running swiftly towards the desired destination?”.

“Regardless of the elements that surround them, plants grow in the pursuit of light, with tenacity and resilience. Roots sink deep into the ground pushing past rocks and minerals. Or they resist the movement of water, along rivers and streams, just as the branches point towards the sun, to feed on energy beyond the clouds.

It is nature, with its laws and primordial forces, that very often guides us along our path. Even on days when the sky, seemingly, is not blue”.

“How can our sail stretch so incredibly far, despite the storms and winds that blow to push us out of the way?

The secret is in the fabric with which we made it, the patience with which we reinforced it. 

This is what makes it resilient, elastic and flexible. And incredibly solid when waves overwhelm us”.

“Safe energy and economic flows, at the foundations of cities, to try and live together with the “earthquakes” that may shake our daily lives.

The Japanese, with their thousand-year old wisdom, have learned to build their future by relying on the elastic properties of the elements, the capacity for intrinsic resilience.

A model of security that becomes a metaphor: is our “home” - both exterior and interior - as solid as we think? Will it be able to withstand the adversity we encounter along the way?”.

“What is hidden in the heart and muscles of an athlete at the limit of his or her effort? How does a cyclist, a marathon runner, a team of rowers on the thread or a boxer at the mercy of his opponent draw on a reserve, at times inexhaustible, of physical and emotional resources?

Women and men of all ages who put themselves to the test in order to challenge their own limits and understand which goals they have in front of them. This is the great lesson of sport, a metaphor for our daily undertakings, which day after day, gives us meaning and models to refer to. By preparing with commitment and dedication, by silencing the thoughts that invite you to surrender, by fixing your gaze in the direction of the finish line and not down below, in the jungle of obstacles.

At the end of this photographic journey of ours, deep within ourselves, we know that - only by relying on our resilient core, on the strength of mind that keeps pushing our hearts one step further - we will make our way back to the calm waters of the port. Fully satisfied”.