Milan, 11 January 2024MAIRE (MAIRE.MI) and its subsidiary Tecnimont (Integrated E&C Solutions) have been admitted by the Italian Revenue Agency to the Cooperative Compliance Tax Regime, starting from fiscal year 2022. This regime was introduced in 2015 to promote an enhanced cooperation between large taxpayers and the Italian Tax Administration. 

The admission follows the acknowledgement that all requirements in respect of the Group’s tax governance and Tax Control Framework were fulfilled. Access to the Cooperative Compliance Tax Regime allows the two entities to establish a relationship of full collaboration and a transparent, constant and preventive dialogue with the Italian tax authorities, implemented through the joint assessment of situations likely to generate possible tax risks. This in turn ensures an increase in the level of certainty regarding important tax issues and the early resolution of potential tax disputes.

Alessandro Bernini, CEO of MAIRE Group, commented: “The Group recognizes the strategic importance of tax risk management within our broader internal risk management system. Admission to the Cooperative Compliance Regime represents a significant achievement in line with the Group’s sustainability strategy with particular reference to business ethics and integrity, while contributing to the creation of value for countries in which our companies operate".