December 6, 2018 - Digital Transformation is a fundamental pillar of the company's 'turnaround': it facilitates work activities and helps the circulation of know-how. After having addressed the "Be Adaptive" topic in the last issue of EVOLVE, focused on management change and structural growth, in this new number we enter the world of innovation and digital transformation.

In a context where technology is increasingly becoming a commodity and a factor of social connection, companies face opportunities and risks that can be transformed into competitive factors of success, protecting their distinctive identity.

In this view, we were inspired by the contributions of futurologists Pierre Lévy, Jared Diamond, Geoff Mulgan and Alec Ross, who see technology not as an enemy, but as an instrument of acceleration, to be known and harnessed. We also delved  into the topic of "Collective Thinking" with the words and ideas of Linda Hill, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard.

In the heart of this issue – as we were inspired by the "Ride the Turnaround" as a collective project - we analyzed digital transformation, which is successfully changing the structure of the value chain in Maire Tecnimont, in terms of revising the company's production processes (procurement, engineering and construction) and the actions we are all required to perform. This idea is based on the belief that the only chance of building a new industrial present lies in the change and mobilization of our resources, who are the only key elements of the digital transformation process we have undertaken.

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