Capri, 23 October 2018Maire Tecnimont Chairman and Majority Shareholder, Fabrizio Di Amato at 33rd Confindustria (Federation of Italian Industry) Youth Congress calls upon young entrepreneurs to react to the economic and political stalemate and to relaunch the role of the private sector in Italy. In an interview with the deputy editor of La Stampa, one of the major Italy’s newspapers, Fabrizio Di Amato explains: “The country is split, and we must play our part. As entrepreneurs we are perceived as part of the establishment. We must make self-criticism and change this perception. We must rediscover that building infrastructures means investing in their social role for the well-being of all ".

Fabrizio Di Amato reaffirmed the strategic and social value of both civil, energy and digital infrastructures that represent an opportunity for economic growth. Revitalizing them will have immediate effects on GDP and on the development indexes (According to the IMF World Economic Outlook, a 1% increase on GDP in infrastructure investments entails a GDP increase of 0.4% in the first year and 1.5% in the next four years).

Furthermore, infrastructures represent a fundamental part of our "social life": they have immediate effects on the citizens’ quality of life and, in the medium term, on the next generations. Among actual proposals is a pact between  Associates to stop filing court appeals and create a virtuous system in which each part will resume an active position.

Fabrizio Di Amato urged companies to regroup within Confindustria to restore strength and credibility of the Association. "We have to bring all the small, medium and big entrepreneurs back into Confindustria, which is our home. An association that I benefited from in my career and that today needs to come back to the center."

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