Milan, 6 december 2018 - Significantly better Health, Safety and Environmentperformance compared to the international average of Oil & Gas producers; 125 million hours worked from October 2017 untiltoday by our subsidiary Tecnimont without days lost due to injury on site (Lost Time Injuries according to OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration): with these significative record results, the Maire Tecnimont Group received the multi-site certification according to the OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards from Bureau Veritas Italia. This certification enhances the synergies between companies, standardizing procedures and methods, optimizing audit times, thus increasing the competitiveness on the market of both individual entities and the entire Group. Therefore, thisis a new approach to the certification that represents an important lever to integrate companies operating in different territories and social areas. The decision of Bureau Veritas was based on its international leadership focus and constant consideration for the safety of workers.

The Maire Tecnimont Group has reached this important milestone for its main companies working across very different areas, with offices in Italy (Tecnimont, KT-Kinetics Technology and Neosia), in Germany (TPI GMBH), in Russia (TCM OOO), in India (Tecnimont Private Limited); and for all its construction sites around the world. An ambitious objective that required commitment and constant involvement in the development of the "Multisite Project" certified by Bureau Veritas Italia over the last three years.

Furthermore, the Group is committed to spreading the standards and culture of Health, Safety and the Environment at a local context, through training activities that can boast these important numbers: on average every year, 2 million hours invested on training the subcontractors staff, and 55 thousand hours for internal resources, both inside the office and on sites.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Group CEO, commented: "The multi-site certification represents a great achievement for the Group: it strengthens our visibility on the market, and furthermore it confirms the commitment of Maire Tecnimont in protecting not only its employees, but also the value chain generated around each of our projects. In 2018 only, we have coordinated an average workforce estimated at 50,000 units in our construction sites around the world".

Ettore Pollicardo, President and Managing Director Bureau Veritas Italia,added "The certifications issued to the Maire Tecnimont Group are a great result for Bureau Veritas as well, since the size and complexity of the Group and its international DNA make these certifications unique. Over 2 million hours of safety training are an indicator of the goodwill and determination of Maire Tecnimont to pursue, starting from the Management and throughout all levels, a concept of safety that goes beyond regulations: caring for people and their safety is an absolute value". Bureau Veritas proudly delivers these certificates.