Milan, 25 May 2021 – A new milestone has been reached as part of Maire Tecnimont Group’s commitment to the development and implementation of technologies to support the energy transition. The Group’s innovation and license company Stamicarbon and Russian chemical company Shchekinoazot will team up to jointly explore, develop and implement green technologies at Shchekinoazot’s existing and new enterprises in the Russian Federation, with the common goal to contribute to sustainable fertilizer production.

The agreement captures the commitment of both parties to assist in the development and commercialization of green technologies, as a joint effort to industrialize environmentally best performing fertilizer products and processes. Stamicarbon will continue to develop green technologies and will inform Shchekinoazot of their potential application, while Shchekinoazot will explore the introduction of green technologies at its existing or new enterprises. Stamicarbon and Shchekinoazot consider each other as a priority partner for the implementation of green technologies at the company’s urea plant and other fertilizer plants in the Russian Federation. 

As part of Maire Tecnimont Group’ strong commitment to accelerate the green economy, Stamicarbon’s innovation program focuses on the development of more sustainable fertilizer production technologies, such as: Ultra-Low Energy technology to reduce plant steam (energy) consumption; MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubbing system to significantly lower emissions; Reducing CO2 emissions by participating in European green development projects such as INITIATE and PROMETEO.  This technological portfolio has recently expanded further with the launch of Stami Green Ammonia, a technological solution to use renewable resources instead of fossil fuels to eliminate carbon from the process and enable sustainable and green fertilizer production. Stami Green Ammonia will be integrated in the world’s first industrial-scale plant powered by renewable energy to produce low carbon intensity nitrates, to be developed in Kenya, at the Oserian Two lakes Industrial Park, 100 km North of Nairobi. 
As this technology configuration is characterized by a modularized approach, commercialization of small-scale ammonia-urea plants and nitric acid plants in green fertilizer projects become feasible.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Group CEO, commented: “Our Technology licensor and innovation hub Stamicarbon is at the fore front of innovation in the fertilizer industry, and as such it is best positioned and equipped to set the pace for the development of technologies to support the energy transition. I am glad that an industry leader such as Shchekinoazot has selected Stamicarbon as the partner of choice to industrialize sustainable fertilizer production.” 

Pejman Djavdan, CEO of Stamicarbon, said: “We are committed to the development of technologies for Green Fertilizers, decreasing the environmental footprint of fertilizer production and use. In partnership with Shchekinoazot, I’m sure we will greatly contribute to the implementation of these new technologies and intensification of sustainable agriculture.”

“The implementation of this project will ensure continuous improvement in raw materials processing and enable a shift from the consumption and export of raw materials to the high-tech production and processing of products with increased added value,” Boris Sokol, President of Shchekinoazot, said. “This project is characterized by high economic efficiency, social and budgetary relevance. Along with that, we attach greater importance to environmental issues, by minimizing our environmental impact, reducing the carbon footprint of our activities and taking care of the local environment. The signed Memorandum will allow us to take another step towards state-of-the-art technologies and approaches aimed at the preservation of natural diversity and a healthy planet for future generations.”

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