• Bedizzole (Brescia) plant based on proprietary technology;
  •  Strategic vision of NextChem presented, targeting - with 8 subsidiaries and 60 employees - accelerated green chemicals industrialization;
  •    Vice Minister of Economic Development Dario Galli, Lombardy Region Environment and Climate Council member Raffaele Cattaneo and Mayor of Bedizzole Giovanni Cottini attend the event.

Bedizzole, June 12, 2019Maire Tecnimont today presented the new NextChem plant, the most advanced and efficient in Europe for the recycling of plastics and part of the Group’s Green Acceleration project presented on November 27 last.
The plant - located in Bedizzole in the province of Brescia - is based on proprietary technology and is managed by MyReplast Industries, a NextChem subsidiary - the Maire Tecnimont Group company which with 60 employees and 8 subsidiaries is managing 24 technological initiatives to accelerate the industrialization of gree9+n chemicals.  
The MyReplast plant, based on an economically-sustainable business model and without relying on any type of public incentives, is unique in Europe in terms of production capacity, processing flexibility and finished product quality.  It can in fact produce over 40 thousand tons per year of recycled polymers, processing a range of incoming types of plastic waste, both post-consumption industrial (vehicle components, food and industrial packaging production waste) and from urban post-consumption (materials from the sorting of household waste). The treatment process ensures that the finished product - the recycled polymer - is of absolute top-quality, with recycling efficiency of 95%.  Through an innovative approach based on product development, the MyReplast Industries plant improves the properties of the incoming plastics (up-cycling), enabling their use for products to be sold on high-added value “premium” markets.  

Maire Tecnimont therefore focuses on a “from product to waste management” approach: starting in fact with the demands of the downstream market, the objective is to produce a secondary raw material with chemical-physical characteristics and mechanical properties which bridge the usual quality gap found between such materials and virgin plastics (sourced directly from fossil-origin hydrocarbons).  
At today’s presentation, preceded by a meeting of the Board of Directors of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A at the plant, approximately 200 people from among the business and financial community, sector operators and institutional representatives were present, including the Vice Minister for Economic Development Dario Galli, Lombardy Region Environment and Climate Council member Raffaele Cattaneo and Mayor of Bedizzole Giovanni Cottini.

Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman and majority Shareholder of the Maire Tecnimont Group, stated: “Thanks to our leadership in the construction of polymers from hydrocarbons production plant, with NextChem we can act as an accelerator in the Circular Economy, contributing to a new cycle of economic and job growth which requires a collective vision, industrial expertise and business ability.  Italy can aspire to lead the green chemicals transition thanks to its great research, technological and industrial tradition”.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Chief Executive Officer of the Maire Tecnimont Group, added: “With a view to developing a new sustainable plastics economy, the MyReplast plant is a key step in the Group’s Green Acceleration strategy.  Applying expertise from technology and plant to the new mechanical recycling business offers in fact interesting opportunities in a sector which demands the industrialization of the regeneration cycle for this type of material.  Once again we are proving ourselves to be a first mover as a developer in the sector - from technology supply to plant construction.”

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MyReplast Industries Presentation