June 2020 - Despite all the difficulties caused by COVID-19 pandemic, our sites activities go ahead guaranteeing fullproduction to the Client, thanks to the bigeffort put in place by our project task forces and construction teams.

In the last months, our capability to perform the construction activities at high-level standards has not changed: we have achieved a remarkable safety milestone of several million man-hours LTI free in ORPIC project in OMAN, a great result considering the extra actions put in place in order to face COVID-19 emergency, as well as a Preliminary Acceptance Certificate in a live Ammonia and Urea plant in semi-commercial operation in Egypt.

We have organized our activities differently, through specific COVID-19 action plans. For instance the continuous use of PPE like masks and gloves, daily temperature screenings, social distancing maintained during construction, commuting, at the office, at meetings and during dining, with regular and aggressive cleaning schedules for buildings, vehicles, workers migration reduction, Tool Box Meetings to refresh all the measures, and last but not least a system to verify, inspect and ensure implementation of the new behaviors required to mitigate COVID-19 risks.

We put in place not only practical measures but also technological ones as digitalized Permit to Work issued by e-mail, specific project tasks completed in smart working through the use of dedicated digital tools, and intelligent elements to perform remote inspection with Vendors.