The road to increase plastic waste recycling needs a new industrial approach. NextChem’s upcycled polymer portfolio on the new website

Rome, September 15th, 2020 – NextChem (Maire Tecnimont Group’s company for energy transition), together with its subsidiary MyReplast Industries, launches the MyReplastTM trademark for the proprietary Upcycling technology and relative product portfolio: granulates and flakes of recycled polymers. A new website online from today, showcases all technical fact sheets and descriptions of the products. NextChem’s MyReplastTM Upcycling is an innovative technology that combines mechanical recycling with chemical processing. The technology is installed in northern Italy (Brescia) in a 40kt plant, with up to 95% recycling efficiency, managed by NextChem’s subsidiary, MyReplast Industries. The Upcycling technology allows to flexibly produce premium quality products from rigid plastic waste, tailored to customer requirements. These new recycled products have chemical and physical characteristics equivalent to those of virgin polymers of fossil origin. 

The portfolio includes various types of recycled products, in the shape of granulate or flakes. At present, the catalogue includes polypropylene and polyethylene families. Each MyReplastTM compounded granulate is formulated to fulfill specific customer requirements and quality standards and is available in fully formulated colors, in standard black and in different shades of grey as basis for further coloring with master batches.  MyReplastTM flakes can be ordered in separate colors and color groups or as multicolor mix, to be directly used for the manufacturing of large size products, or to be added in proportion as post-consumer content in the conversion and compounding industries. 

“The launch of our MyReplastTM  trademark for the plastic waste Upcycling technology and its commercial products represents a new phase of our business strategy in the circular economy sector” states Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of NextChem. “We are designing a real recycling industry, with products that are carefully characterized, homogeneous and constant in quality, with attention to the development of the features that meet with the appearance and functional characteristics of the final products. These are relevant elements for the market of recycled polymers, that after the Covid emergency is surely destinated to grow.”

Photo gallery can be downloaded here

NextChem is the Maire Tecnimont Group’s company for green chemistry and energy transition, founded in 2018. The company currently has a portfolio of about 30 technological projects, including proprietary technologies, exclusive licensed technologies, technology integration platforms, EPC contracts. NextChem plays a role as partner or coordinator in more than 10 international research projects. NextChem’s roadmap is articulated in three areas of activity: Greening the Brown – technologies for the reduction of pollutant and GHG emissions released by existing plants; Circular Economy – technologies for the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic waste and other discarded materials; Green-Green – technologies that use biomass or biological raw materials to produce intermediates, bio-fuels and bio-plastics.