November 19, 2020 - This year the sixth edition of the Region Day "Deliver on our values, whatever it is" took place in a digital format from November 17th to 19th.

Three days of conferences and meetings that involved over 200 people from our region teams and management, a unique occasion and an opportunity to sit together, this year “virtually” and share ideas, vision, what we have done and what we have on our way forward: Energy Transition and Digitalization.

Our journey through the regions began a few years ago, to strengthen our commercial presence in the various geographical areas in line with the DNA of our company.

An approach from local to glocal, based on listening to the local market, culture and business, and transferring the needs to our local focal points (e.g. offices and branches) and our supply chain.

The focus of this 6th edition has been on how to improve the organizational workflow, in order to boost Maire Tecnimont access to a local supply chain, to add value in terms of business strategy and long term sustainability. A new fuel for all of the people that everyday, worldwide, act as an ambassador of our Group and how we want to lead the transformation of this industry from far east to far west: when the situation can’t be changed, we change ourselves, because we are stronger than any obstacle!