In response to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Maire Tecnimont immediately committed itself to ensuring that all work activities are carried out in compliance with the maximum health and safety standards.

In order to best face the legal requirements in our Italian offices, we fully applied all the government recommendations and consequently equipped the offices. 

The Maire Tecnimont Group has put in place a preventive protocol defining specific documents about policies and proper behaviors to adopt in this emergency. We have developed a customized ‘Booking desk’ APP,  to book the workplace the day before your entry into the company in order to fully apply the policy of fluid workstations and the clean desk policy.

We have published a dedicated entry policy for each Italian office mainly focused on: body temperature scan and entrance/exit guidelines; personal protective equipment and sanitation as protective mask and hands disinfection; social distancing and use of common spaces.

We have developed a web page “COVID-19 Health Information” in order to share all these recommendations and useful information relating to the COVID-19 emergency: in this context of global health emergency, correct information is essential to manage the risk and face the infection effectively.

The safety and protection of its employees and their families is not only a priority but a fundamental value for our Group.