The Foundation hosts the Milan leg of the exhibition “Second Life,” with works on the circular economy by young artists 

Milan, July 5, 2022 – The Evolve Maire Tecnimont Foundation today inaugurated the Milan leg of the exhibition "Second Life: Coming Back," a competition dedicated to the works of young artists on the topic of sustainability and the circular economy. As part of the event, the Maire Tecnimont Foundation hosted a discussion about the interaction between the circular economy, art and culture, featuring guest speakers Giuseppe Sala, Milan Mayor, Raffaele Cattaneo, Lombardy Region Councilor for Environment and Climate, Luciano Fontana Editor in Chief of Corriere della Sera, Alberto Irace, CEO of Alia Servizi Ambientali, Fabrizio Di Amato, Maire Tecnimont Group Chairman and Evolve Maire Tecnimont Foundation, as well as representatives from the art world such as Marco Meneguzzo, professor of art history at the Brera Academy, artist Pietro Ruffo, and Ilaria Catastini, General Manager of Evolve Foundation. 

Engineering today faces a great challenge: interpreting scenarios that call for historic paradigm shifts, providing creative, innovative and effective responses. Critical sense and creative intelligence represent the backbone and lifeblood of Italian leadership in the world, founded on ingenuity combined with a sense of beauty.

The Evolve Foundation, inaugurated at the end of 2021 and intended to act as a link between past, present and future, was created around a historical archive of seven thousand drawings and designs that also include famous Italian engineers and architects, enriched by a selection of historical measurement and calculation tools, and aims to accompany the training of the "humanist engineers" of tomorrow, capable of contributing to humanity's path of evolution by providing technological solutions of excellence, inspired by advances in technology and artificial intelligence, and able to interpret social, ethical and environmental needs in the era of energy transition and digitalization. 

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, commented, "Today's meeting shows that it is from the interaction between different skills and sensitivities that true cultural change emerges: not only can humanistic and technical-scientific approaches be combined, but this must be done to achieve an equitable and sustainable development of our cities. The way in which the 'Second life' exhibition hosted by Maire Tecnimont's Evolve foundation presents the themes of reuse, circular economy and environmental sustainability highlight how art, culture and technology are complementary spheres, even with respect to people's needs. The city of Milan reflects this synergy, because it is a place where technical and scientific skills are put at the service of the community to provide answers to social needs".

Raffaele Cattaneo, Lombardy Region Councillor for the Environment and Climate, added, "The ecological transition and the challenge of circularity force us to ask 'for whom' an action, a factory, or a product is made. Innovation cannot be an end in itself, but must always be guided by the goal of creating 'well-being'.” 

"We hope to promote that all-Italian knack for invention that has made such an important contribution to the world, and that combines vision, culture, intellect, and entrepreneurial spirit", says Maire Tecnimont Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato, also Chairman of the Foundation

According to Alberto Irace, CEO Alia Servizi Ambientali "Skills and intelligence are engaged in redesigning the way we live and produce, according to principles of sustainability: it is about thinking and acting in a new way. Increasingly, technology must promote sharing and acceptance of a world that is in the process of becoming".

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