• The competition involved more than 280 participants from 50 art high schools in 18 Italian regions to stimulate debate on art and sustainability
  • The 28 works of graphic art by the students selected by a jury of experts will be exhibited on the Via Sacra in Rome
  • The eight winners will have their work published on eight covers of MAIRE's international magazine EVOLVE
  • The prize brings the worlds of energy transition, culture, and schools closer together, to help orient students to job opportunities in the field of sustainability

Rome, May 20, 2024 – The award ceremony for the winners of EvolveArt: School, Art and Industry for the Energy Transition art competition was held at the Colosseum Archaeological Park in Rome. The goal of the competition -- organized by the MAIRE Foundation, The Association of Friends of the Biennale of Art High Schools (ABiLiArt), with the support of the National Network of Art High Schools – is to encourage the conception, design and creation of original artistic works on the theme "Technology and Innovation in the Energy Transition".

Fifty high schools specializing in artistic training in 18 Italian regions submitted 280 works. Of these, the works by the eight winners will become the covers of eight issues of EVOLVE, the MAIRE Group's magazine, and will also be used for the educational activities of the MAIRE Foundation, which through art and culture nurtures communication and networking, as well as making young people familiar with job opportunities in the field of sustainability. Special mention was given to an additional 20 works in the competition.

As part of the Group's sustainability strategy, the MAIRE Foundation plays a role in supporting community relations and value creation activities. Young people are vital to spreading awareness of the energy transition for industry and society internationally. The MAIRE Foundation supports the training of tomorrow's humanist engineers, professionals who can contribute to the energy and digital transition of the future. Art and culture are the keystones for the Foundation which, together with schools, universities and the not-for-profit sector, promotes training and fights educational poverty.

Fabrizio Di Amato, President of the Foundation and the MAIRE Group: "With this ceremony in the magnificent setting of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, which hosted us as partners, MAIRE Foundation continues its work of providing students with the tools and knowledge to address environmental issues by deepening the meaning of sustainable development, helping them become familiar with the job opportunities of the energy transition. Spreading knowledge of the energy transitions is our ultimate goal, and must be achieved through realistic steps.  In this learning journey, art has the role of making everyone aware of the great challenges of the future."

Mariagrazia Dardanelli, Honorary President National Network of Artistic High Schools, President AbiLiArt Association: "The meeting with the MAIRE Foundation and the idea of a competition for Italian Artistic High Schools has stimulated the imagination and creativity of our young artists, leading them to explore complex issues that are fundamental for their future.

The many proposals received, all of an excellent level, have demonstrated the great potential of art education when it opens up to the world around it, and to collaboration with companies and research. Schools are curious, and want to share ideas and passions, highlight potential, imagine a possible future. We must make sure that all this happens in the best way, and with the right support. With this competition, I think we got it right.”

We thank the members of the EvolveArt competition jury: Carlo Nicolais - Director of Institutional Relations, Communication and Sustainability MAIRE Group;  Ilaria Catastini - General Manager MAIRE Foundation;  Massimo Dapoto - Head of Communication MAIRE Group; Mariagrazia Dardanelli - Honorary President National Network of Artistic High Schools, President of AbiLiArt Association;  Daniela De Angelis - Historian of Contemporary Art;  Giovanni Federle - Lecturer and popularizer of Graphic Design; Antonio Fiorenza - Photographer, Lecturer of Photography; and Renato Pennisi - Director Christie's.