Maire Tecnimont Group has published the fifth issue of Evolve, its magazine on business strategies and culture.

In this issue we look at how to transform bureaucracy into an agile model by adopting strategies to manage complexity. The editorial by our CEO Pierroberto Folgiero discusses the theme of resilience, which is more relevant than ever in our current times. Maire Tecnimont Group has always faced the issue of bureaucracy with the goal of surmounting its limits. Folgiero’s words sum up the company's thinking on the importance of being resilient during times of change, even in the most difficult situations: “As a result of this crisis, many of us are finding that the value and potential of smart working has been confirmed, until now considered by many outside entities to be a mere backup solution. Once again, our Group has thought of the solution before the problem even came to pass. We are certain that this vision will help us all get out of these difficulties together, with the awareness that a team of champions of resilience and antibureaucracy will make the difference in every field, both personal and professional.”

Once again, our guest writers are numerous: Michele Zanini is a management consultant analyst, and co-founder of the Management Lab with Gary Hamel. The pair are the authors of “Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them.” (Harvard Business Review Press). Yves Morieux is a senior partner of Boston Consulting Group and author of "Smart Simplicity," which discusses the importance of cooperation and how managers must broaden their identity and become "integration agents."

Among the other topics covered: "How to Avoid the Green Swan," a conversation with Edo Ronchi, President of the Sustainable Development Foundation, of which our company NextChem is part; the AWP (Advanced Work Packaging) digital methodology; India's challenge to bureaucracy; our sustainability initiatives in Mumbai; the history of theories on the scientific organization of work, and much more!
Find here the new issue, and happy reading!