From the success of the corporate magazine, which aims to share values and business culture, the industrial group has developed a podcasting project to enhance its contents from a cross-media perspective, expanding the target audience and the possibilities and ways of using the magazine itself.

Evolte - The Podcast Ep. 1


Milan, December 5th, 2019 - Maire Tecnimont launches the first corporate podcast project based on the contents of its Evolve corporate magazine, an innovative tool designed to create dialogue between its stakeholders. The magazine, born at the end of 2017 on the occasion of the Group’s tenth anniversary on the stock exchange listing and developed with the support of Cultur-e, aims to accompany the cultural change in the company by examining the discontinuities in progress in the global scenario, and offers food for thought on the entrepreneurial and managerial attitudes necessary to interpret changes as opportunities. To this end, Maire Tecnimont has identified 8 "Mottos", or values, which are studied in depth via a dedicated monographic issue of Evolve: a sort of compass of change with which employees can orient themselves as protagonists in their daily jobs.

With the project "Evolve - The Podcast" Maire Tecnimont completes a further evolution, not only regarding the message, but also in terms of media: transforming the ideas of the magazine into a podcast, following the trend of fruition that has tripled in the last three years in Italy, going from 850,000 regular listeners in 2015 to 2.7 million in 2018 (source Nielsen).

"Evolve - The Podcast", developed with the support of Doing – Part of Capgemini, is presented as the first Italian branded podcast that derives from a corporate magazine, and involves the production and distribution of episodes, 20 minutes each, which recount the main articles in the issue.

The episodes distributed on Spotify, Itunes, Spreaker, as well as on the Group's web and social channels, allow a more widespread and simple use of the magazine's contents in time and space.

The female narrative voice, a sign of sensitivity towards the gender gap, is alternated with the original voices of the authors, which are also the protagonists. The story is enriched by original archival audio taken from news, films and old advertising, which immediately and emotionally reproduce some key passages of the historical and cultural development of the topics discussed.

In the first episode, the reference point was "Take the Challenge!", the motto that invites us to cultivate a passion for results and for challenges in the open sea: the biggest challenge is that of energy transition, which should be read as a great opportunity for those with the entrepreneurial and managerial stamina to participate in this great transformation. The podcast focuses on the account of the new golden age for chemistry through the audio contribution of the Group’s CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero.

"The success of the podcast phenomenon is a sign of how important oral storytelling is for companies," said Carlo Nicolais, Head of Institutional Relations & Communication of the Group and director of the magazine. "With Evolve we have tried to go beyond the company "showcase " magazine stereotype, and create a high cultural comparison tool. With the Podcast we would like to open this new path of corporate storytelling. "